Standing up for Sikhs

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Thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve fellow beings, I am writing about the work I have done in standing up for others.  I hope you would feel inspired to stand up for some other than you own.

I am blessed to have served about every community, and one of these days, I will complete the list from my work in the last thirty years 

Delhi Sikh Massacre

Taliban Harassment
UK’s denial in public service
French Harassment
United States

Killing of a Sikh in Arizona
Preventing Sikh’s name from the 9/11 Memorial

and now the Wisconsin shooting

There is a lot of work that needs to be done, on my part, here is a partial list of my involvement and work I was able to pull from Google.
  1. Sikhs honored
  2. Unity Day with Sikhs –
  3. Sikh Genocides Commemoration 
  4. Sikh Genocide pictures
  5. Huffington Post about Gurpurab
  6. Harassment of Sikhs
  7. Holocaust and Genocides
  8. Defending Sikhs in Malaysia
  9. Mike Ghouse speaking at Candle light vigil at Gurdwara
  10. Sikh Temple Massacre
  11. is the Sikh Shooting Christian Terrorism?
  12. Ramadan Iftar at Gurdwara –
  13. Holocaust and Genocides –
  14. Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh ––3-by-Mike-Ghouse-Guru-Gobind-Singh_Pluralist-Mike-Ghouse_Religion-Interfaith_Sikh-Guru-140107-725.html
  18. Resolving 500 year old Sikh-Muslim conflict –